Pandemic Ed. 001

Well, there's not much more to do during this pandemic than stay inside, listen to music, and record podcasts about it. Pat and Evan catch up on what they've been doing during the pandemic so far and what life has been like since the last season of Repeater wrapped. Join them for tales of couple-isolation, trips to Brazil, and how to lean into Spotify's algorithm. Subscribe for more eps during this time of downtime.

LIVE: Repeater’s Top 10 Countdown of 2019

At the very end of 2019, the Repeater crew invited seven hilarious guests to count down the top ten songs of the year. Comedians include Leslie Diana, Jordan Camille Randolph, Juan Nicolón, Milly Tamarez, Molly Kiernan, Peter Johnston, and Brooks Allison. Recorded LIVE at QED in Queens, NY.

Although we just lived through the year that was 2019, it's incredible to re-experience it through a bunch of comedians' favorite songs. Boy Brooks performs original music and we find out which song was the very best of 2019!

LIVE: Repeater’s Top 10 Countdown of 1997

Evan and Pat are back, along with seven special guests, as they count down the best tracks of 1997. Comedians include Kyle Gordon, Sally Ann Hall, Anjali Desai, Mic Nguyen, Ty Portis, Nanie Méndez, and Harris Mayersohn. Recorded LIVE at QED in Queens, NY.

Believe it or not, 1997 was a HUGE year for music, with everybody from Celine Dion to the Backstreet Boys and Matchbox 20 to Joe (?) hitting the Billboard Top 100. It was also the year we landed a rover on Mars, so let's give it up for 1997! These seven comedians pitch their favorite songs of the year and then Evan and Pat rank them, filling out the top ten list with a few choices of their own.

To close the show, Kyle Gordon performs some of his hilarious musical comedy for us, channeling teenage emo kids, Colbie Caillat, and Bazilian jazz singers.

LIVE: Repeater’s Top 10 Countdown of 2009

It's our first-ever top 10 countdown! Join Evan and Pat, along with ten of their hilarious friends, as they count down the best tracks of 2009. Comedians include Amanda Giobbi, John Ross, Addie Weyrich, Taylor Garron, Tom Sanchez, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Fumi Abe, Patrick Sweeney, Rachel Joravsky, and Bridgette Rizkalla. Plus, music from Kaylyn Marie Scardefield. Recorded LIVE at QED in Queens, NY.

Recorded, coincidentally, in the midst of the #10yearchallenge social media craze earlier this year, our 2009 countdown is everything you wish TRL had been. Ten comedians each pitch us their pick for the best song of 2009 and the competition is fierce! There are emotional appeals, eyes-closed guided experiences, costumes, and even shit talk. It's hilarious, beautiful, and fun as hell.

Our very good friend, Kaylyn Marie Scardefield joins us for this momentous new live show to play some of her wonderful new songs and serenade us with a brilliant medley of 2009 hits.


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