Repeater is a podcast hosted by Evan Forde Barden and Patrick Cartelli about people’s favorite songs. Each episode, they invite a special guest from the world of comedy, entertainment, and beyond to share one song that they love – be it an all-time favorite, a track that reminds them of a great story, or something that just blew their minds.

For season three, they’re talking to guests about the songs that got them through the last year. If music helped you out in 2018, you’ll totally understand where they’re coming from.

Every few months, the #podbros host a live show in NYC where they ask ten comedians to countdown the best songs of a given year. It’s like TRL but good.

Evan Forde Barden is a writer, actor, and former garage band king living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Originally from Massachusetts, Evan moved to NYC in 2010, where he met Pat and stopped playing music. When he’s not hosting Repeater, Evan performs improv every Wednesday and Friday night at Magnet Theater in Chelsea. Evan loves dancing, vegan treats, and NBA basketball, in that order, but reverse. He has never worn a shirt.

Pat Cartelli is a storyteller, performer, and designer based in Astoria, Queens. He co-hosts Repeater alongside Evan Forde Barden. Pat also has a video sketch group called Summer Collider where he directs, writes, and performs. On top of all of that Pat is a Storyteller and can be seen at QED, The Creek and the Cave, and Astoria Bookshop.


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