Carsie Blanton – “I Fall in Love Too Easily”

We welcome musician, writer, and newly-minted game designer Carsie Blanton to the show to discuss “I Fall In Love Too Easily” by Chet Baker. From the classic album Chet Baker Sings, Carsie brings us this simple, beautiful song and shares with us why she loves it. We talk about the value of brevity in songwriting and hear a bit of how Carsie herself became a songwriter, which includes her early infatuation with jazz music as aided by her grandfather.

We discuss the need to fail in art, the possible pitfall of so much art being rapidly made public these days, and the power of making art just for yourself. Carsie also digs into the false dichotomy between jazz and popular music while talking to us about her own music being “genre-fluid.” We debate DJs versus algorithms and invent a great new feature for Spotify.

Carsie relates to us her habit of falling in love easily and often, which is reflected in her song “Lovin Is Easy,” and she tells us about her blog on love, sex, and relationships, including her popular “Casual Love” post. Carsie suggests that the ways we think about love can be kinda dangerous and wonderings what if it could be more like casual sex? She explains her approach to love and relationships as coming from a light-hearted position, which releases a lot of the undue pressure we place on ourselves. Finally, we ask Carsie about releasing her music under a Creative Commons license and her new game, The F’n Truth.

Stay tuned after the interview for an in-studio performance of “Lovin is Easy” and head on over to our Soundcloud to hear her cover of “I Fall in Love Too Easily.”

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