The SteelDrivers “Blue Side Of The Mountain” with Brady O’Callahan

Patrick, Brady, and Evan doing cool poses.

World-renowned funnyman Brady O'Callahan (UCB, The Onion) is on the show to talk about The SteelDrivers' song "Blue Side Of The Mountain."

Brady tells us about growing up in Ohio and being introduced to country music as a kid, and how he till connects to it as an adult. We discuss the performative and functional roles of cowboy hats as well as Cambodian rock and roll.

Brady describes his evolution as a music fan and how country has made him a more open-minded listener in general. We push back against the people who say they listen to "everything but country" or "everything but rap," insisting that no genre is entirely bad. Plus, we discuss the perversion of country music and the current renaissance the genre is experiencing, led by a number of politically left-leaning artists. And if country music isn't your thing, we also explore the appeal of heavy metal and talk more than you’d expect about Kid Rock. Truly something for everyone.

Stars “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” with Lily Du

The indomitable Lily Du (The President Show, Broad City) joins us in the 🎶stu-stu-studio🎶 to share with us her love of the Stars song "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead." We talk with her about carrying songs through different relationships and periods of her life and how strongly she feels about the first two Stars albums despite not having many deep connections to music throughout her life.

Par for the course, we discuss the romance of Limp Bizkit, the importance of Christina Aguilera to young Asian-American girls, and how we discovered music when we were younger. This gets us thinking of music we forgot we used to like and how difficult karaoke is for Lily. While Lily's parents restricted a lot of the music she may have listened to, she had much better luck with television and become a voracious consumer of TV pilots. This leads us to the story of how Lily became interested in acting and writing and we end the episode on the topic of making art despite the self-critic who may tell you it's all been done before.

**Editors Note: At the top of the episode, Evan incorrectly references the Camp Cope song "Done" when he meant to say, "The Opener," the first song from their new album, How to Socialise & Make Friends. Oops!

Jacob Sharp – “Great Tide”

Pat Cartelli, Jacob Sharp, and Evan Forde Barden posing for a picture in front of a white wall

Jacob Sharp (Mipso) returns to the show and joins us in the studio! Jacob talks about Phil Cook's "Great Tide," a song that reminds him of friendships and touring, plus, it features killer instrumentation and guitar tone.

We hear how Cook and other Wisconsin musicians migrated to the North Carolina Triangle region over a decade ago and how their perspective may be different from native southerners like Jacob and his bandmates. Jacob tells of how Mipso came to be, how they've evolved musically, what touring life is like, and how all of that has influenced their songs and shows. We also discuss how fun it is, for both artist and audience, to have tours feel like a big group of friends throwing a party.

This episode is the most we've ever sounded like we're on NPR.

Ryan Adams “Let It Ride” with Josh Sharp & Jacob Sharp

Repeater with Josh and Jacob Sharp

Josh Sharp (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Jacob's brother) is on the show to talk about "Let It Ride" by Ryan Adams. Jacob Sharp (Mipso, Josh's brother) joins Josh to play the cover together! The brothers grew up playing this song together and their take on it is beautiful.

Ever since Josh started getting into music, he felt that cool music helped him somewhat define his identity. Naturally, we talk about Phish, obsessive fan followings, and jam bands in general. Josh also tells us about following around Phish for a summer and paying for it by participating in a medical study.

Josh tells us about getting into comedy and improv at college in Chapel Hill, which leads to talking about musicals and writing musicals in comedy. Plus, we talk about the rise/return of cabaret! We give you recs!

Be sure to check out Mipso's music and go see them on tour!