For our third season, we chose a slightly new direction for the show. Rather than ask our guests to talk about any song that they loved, we asked them to talk about a song that got them through the last year.

All of these episodes were recorded in the first three months of 2019, so really, we were talking to people about the songs that got them through 2018, a year that was filled with many ups and downs, both globally and personally for our guests. Talking with them about the music that they listened to while navigating the year that brought us a Winter Olympics, multiple government shutdowns, massive California wildfires, a new Janelle Monaé album, the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, a smash hit Black Panther film, and so SO much more, was not only a helpful way for us to reflect on the year, but it was also very inspiring to hear how others processed those 365 days.

Without further ado, here’s Season 3 of Repeater!
Evan Forde Barden, Addie Weyrich, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie. Addie is holding packs of beef jerky.

Young Fathers “Only God Knows” with Addie Weyrich

The unbelievably charming and hilarious Addie Weyrich (Crashing, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), joins Evan and Pat to snack and talk about the song “Only God Knows” by Young Fathers, and how it creates action movie-worthy scenes in her mind. 

Repeater Hosts Pat and Evan with guest Milly Tamarez

Mitski “I Don’t Smoke” with Milly Tamarez

The inconceivable Milly Tamarez (Vice, BET, FLEXX) joins us on the show to talk about how Mitski’s “I Don’t Smoke” got her through the rollercoaster year that was 2018.

Evan Forde Barden, Woody Fu, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie

Weezer “Endless Bummer” with Woody Fu

Hold on to your hash pipes, it’s the WEEZER EPISODE!!! The inedible Woody Fu (Crashing, The Last O.G.) joins us to talk about how Weezer’s “Endless Bummer” got him through 2018, a year that saw the release of Black Panther and an American Royal Wedding. 

Corin Wells, giving a peace sign and sticking her tongue out, next to Evan Barden and Pat Cartelli, mouth agape

H.E.R. ft. Daniel Caesar “Best Part” with Corin Wells

This week on Repeater, we talk with Corin Wells (Above Average, UCB) about “Best Part” by H.E.R. featuring Daniel Caesar. Hear why Corin picked this straightforward and beautiful love song to be the track that got her through the last year and stick around for topics like friendship, relationship songs, and a little James Blake.

Evan Forde Barden, Mikey Erg, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie.

Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello “Tommy’s Coming Home” with Mikey Erg

This week on Repeater, we talk with drummer, guitarist, and vocalist Mikey Erg (The Chris Gethard Show, Worriers, Early Riser The Ergs!, 100 Other Bands) about “Tommy’s Coming Home” by unbelievable dream team Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello. 

Evan Barden, Pat Cartelli, and Bailey Swilley posing for a smiling selfie

Cardi B ft Bad Bunny & J Balvin “I Like it” with Bailey Swilley

This week on Repeater, we talk with comedian and writer Bailey Swilley (BoogieManja, Pretty Women: A Real Housewives Musical Review) about “I Like It” by star of 2018, Cardi B. In this episode, we explore music that can’t help but lift you up, empower, and push through the cold, dark winters…even if you don’t, say, own a Lambo’. 

Rachel Pegram, Evan Forde Barden, and Patrick Cartelli taking a selfie

Jonathan Nelson “My Name Is Victory” with Rachel Pegram

This week on Repeater, we’re talking with comedian Rachel Pegram (UCB, That Shit Ray, Low Fi NYC) about Jonathan Nelson’s “My Name Is Victory”, and how it got her through the year, and kept her writing. Pat, Evan, and Rachel talk about the uplifting nature of gospel music, and hash out the “god” of it all.

Michael Stevens, Patrick Cartelli, and Evan Forde Barden taking a selfie together

Shura “2Shy” with Michael Stevens

This week on Repeater, we talk with comedic performer Michael Stevens (Magnet Theater) about Shura’s “2Shy” and how the song got him through a post-break-up year and reminds him to feel his feelings. Michael takes us on a personal journey through his 2018, with setbacks, highlights, and his experiences re-entering the dating world.

Patrick Cartelli, Mariah Smith, and Evan Forde Barden taking a selfie.

Betty Who “Heartbreak Dream” with Mariah Smith

This week on Repeater, we sit down with comedian, writer, and producer Mariah Smith (Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors, Time Magazine) about Betty Who’s “Heartbreak Dream,” and talk about Mariah’s deep passion for pop, and how her upbringing influenced her current pop culture expertise.

Taylor Garron, Evan Forde Barden, and Patrick Cartelli take a selfie

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks “Little Fang” with Taylor Garron

On Repeater this week, we talk with comedian, satirist, writer, and editor Taylor Garron (Reductress, Vulture) about Avey Tare Slasher Flick’s “Little Fang,” Taylor’s undying love for anything in the Animal Collective family, and how the jangle-y 60’s cocktail sound of Little Fang got her through this past year with its power to pep and motivate.


We owe a massive thank you to Magnet Training Center, where we record all of our studio episodes. Magnet offers the very best improv training in the entire world and they also offer classes in sketch comedy, musical improv, storytelling, and more. Check them out!

To all of our guests, thank you for joining us and for sharing your years with everyone out there. To everyone listening to the show, thank you for the support and please stay tuned for Season 4!!!

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